Who are we?


The goal of Opération Nettoyage 360° is to reduce water pollution. Why 360°? Because waste collection efforts are done along the banks of the Saint Lawrence throughout the Montreal region, but also — under water! In addition to being a chance to remove waste from the environment, OpNet360° includes planting strips of vegetation along the river to stop trash from getting into the river due to the wind or in stormwater flows. It’s also a chance to raise public awareness about various water issues.

OpNet360°’s objective is to remove 10 metric tons of waste from the environment, plant 1,000 trees and shrubs and reach more than 40,000 people. GRAME, Mission 100 tonnes, and Urban Water Odyssey, as well as hundreds of citizens and underwater divers come together for this ambitious initiative. It’s part of a worldwide movement to remove plastic from the ocean. The efforts of each one of us during OpNet360° form the last barrier stopping waste from getting to the sea.


GRAME (Groupe de recommandations et d’actions pour un meilleur environnement or Group for Recommendations and Actions to Mend the Environment) is a public-interest
organization founded in 1989 and based in Montreal. It’s a major Quebec player with regard to innovative and realistic solutions for major environmental problems. It is also an inspiring collective effort with strong grassroots connections.

GRAME is recognized for its deep expertise with regard to transportation, energy, ecological tax policy, waste management, greening the city and other urban planning issues. Its work focusses on three complementary elements: influencing decision makers, environmental sensitization and education, and direct in-the-field action.

Mission 100 tonnes

Mission 100 tonnes is working to remove 100 metric tons of waste from the planet’s waterways, starting with the Saint Lawrence River, in order to reduce the amount of plastic, waste and toxic substances in the oceans. In addition to this ambitious objective, Mission 100 tonnes seeks to mobilize and sensitize citizens, companies and politicians around the world in order to save the oceans, and to educate about alternatives to plastic, in particular in single-use products. Mission 100 tonnes is part of the current major international effort to clean up the oceans and eradicate single-use plastic.

Urban Water Odyssey

Urban Water Odyssey is led by underwater explorer Nathalie Lasselin and members of ASTEX (Explorations Aqua Sub terra). Their mission since 2011 has been the protection of the underwater and underground world. To do this, they explore, document, and research its richness and fragile elements. Through their efforts they have developed unique expertise when it comes to direct action to protect our drinking water sources. This is captured by their motto: Discover – Share – Protect

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